48 Hour Paramedic Refresher & Transition

Live Online Streaming Class for the NREMT F5 hours

This class is unlike any other vocational schools Online Paramedic Refresher live continuing education because it is taught by Jon Puryear live streaming with IT technology that most other companies don't have.  You see him in front of the PowerPoints, pictures, videos, or websites just like you are there.  The classroom shows you and all of your fellow classmates.  Chat is encouraged during breaks and lunch to network and help each other during class.

It is a live streaming online paramedic refresher NCCP recertification class taught just as if you were sitting in a classroom with scheduled dates and times to attend.  This is a fun and interesting way to learn and take this continuing education class. What a great vocational schools!

​Details: Online Paramedic Refresher Live 48 hour & Transition Course

The LIVE Online Paramedic Refresher course is taught in the Virtual Instructor Led Online LIVE Classroom six separate days from 0900-1800 CST. You must be logged on and actively participating during the class dates/times to receive full live classroom continuing education credit. It matches the NREMT breakdown for the 48 hour Refresher mandatory and flexible CE credit hours for individuals who have failed the NREMT written examination three times and require this course to have an additional three attempts. The State approved Transition Course is also included in this course so you may transition from EMT Paramedic to NRP.  The hours are individual CME hours so you may place them in the category you desire based on their content.  Advanced EMT students may also take this course to suffice for their Refresher Course to allow three additional attempts on the written exam or to use the individual CE hours to place in the category they desire by content in their recertification. A great vocational schools for the 2016 NCCP Recertification Course!

The vocational schools have verbal test questions are asked throughout the Online Paramedic Refresher NREMT NCCP live lectures and you MUST answer each of them as they serve as my daily verbal post examinations.  If you do not answer a questions I pose during my lectures, you will not pass that hour of continuing education in the program.