PARAMEDIC 16 hour NREMT Prep Audio CD

​​2.)  For Individuals needing a good review prior to taking the NREMT Written Exam:

16 hour NREMT Prep Recorded Online Class for Students Needing to Pass the NREMT Exam:

This class does not issue CE hour Credits and is for help passing the written exam.

If you can't make a live onsite class, you may take this course in a recorded online format. This class has been taken by all levels of students with great success. The Paramedic version does teach through the Paramedic scope of practice so Advanced levels need to know where their scope of practice ends. You will be able to print/save the class handout to follow along with the recorded lectures. The recorded lectures show Jon lecturing with the PowerPoint slides just like you are in a live class and you may watch the videos as many times as you until you take the post exam. This course allows 7 days access to the video lectures and there isn't a post exam to take after each video like the CE offered versions.  This class does not offer CE hours.

Over 6000 students have taken this 16 hour NREMT Prep Class prior to taking their NREMT written examination with great success and testimonies.  To learn more about this class, you may find more detailed information about it on

To register and pay the fee for this course and have 7 days access to the video lectures, click on and follow the instructions:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Register"

  3. Complete the registration form and submit it. 

  4. Purchase the class and be sure to use the drop down to purchase the level version you wish to take.

  5. You will be emailed an instructional email with your username and password.  Copy and paste this password.

  6. Go back to and now click to go to the level of class you purchased (EMT or Paramedic)

  7. Follow the instructions to take the class.  Remember you must log in from the same Internet Provider (IP) address each time you log into your class.

  8. ​Make sure that you select the version that you want in the drop down box: either EMT or Paramedic.  Advanced should take the Paramedic version.

3.)  For individuals needing a good review prior to taking the NREMT Written Exam who would rather have an audio CD of mp3 files to listen to at their own convenience:

Audio CD of the 16 hour NREMT Prep Class

Both the EMT Basic and Paramedic 16 hour NREMT Prep Class is available on an Audio CD with mp3 files of the audio lectures. By purchasing this audio CD, you may listen to it in any device that plays mp3 files as many times as you like. By purchasing this audio CD, you agree that it is a SINGLE PURCHASER LICENSE and may not be shared, copied, given, or reproduced to any other individual. Violation of this purchase agreement will result in legal action!

Click here to purchase this Audio CD.  Be sure to click the level version you are wishing to purchase.

​​1.)  For currently Certified Medics needing CE Hours for Recertification:

RECORDED Online Learning Management System (LMS) for  CE Hours

These are great Packages to obtain recorded online CE credits for your recertification.  You are able to take these courses from any device with internet access at your own convenience.  Once you complete the course, you are able to print/save your certificate of completion for your records.  You may also log into your account and see your transcript of classes. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Be advised that these online recorded Refreshers will not fulfill the NREMT requirements since they only accept a specific number of recorded online CE hoursIf you are needing this for live F5 CE hours for the NREMT, you will need to take the Online LIVE Refresher & Transition Course and then you will receive FOR FREE the 16 hour NREMT Prep (the level of certification refresher you purchased) to recertify your NREMT certification. If you purchased and attend the Live Online Refresher, the Recorded Online 16 Hour NREMT Prep/Review would be FREE!

In all of the recorded online classes, the training videos are a variety of seeing me, the PowerPoint slides, me with the PowerPoint slides, videos, pictures, and different website videos from YouTube.  I have green screen technology just like a television meteorologist so they are very professional videos.  My classes are not just narrated PowerPoint slides!  I am entertaining and actually TEACH the information utilizing everything I can to help you understand the material and learn something.  If you will watch the video on my home page called "About Jon", you will get an example of how the training videos are recorded.

My online recorded CE classes are in my LMS and you MUST read the instructions in order to easily register, pay, and take my classes.  If you experience technical difficulties, please complete the "Contact Us" form and our IT Department will assist you within 24 business hours.  Be aware of our business hours because we are not working 24/7.

Please follow these important instructions to register and pay for a LMS:

1. First time users must “Sign Up” by clicking this link below my picture.

2. Complete the registration form in its entirety.

3. Your password must be at least 8 characters in length.

4. Once your registration form is complete, click “submit”.

5. Check your email for a confirmation email. Follow the instructions by clicking the link to verify your account.

    a. This email should appear immediately

    b. Check your Spam/Junk/Quarantined email box if you do not receive this email in a timely manner

6. Once you have verified your account, you may return to this site and “Sign In” with your username and password.

7. It will ask you to sign in again answering one of your security questions. Don’t forget the answers you type in!

8. You may click “Courses” at the top navigation bar to view all of my classes for you to take immediately.

9. Once you click on a course, you may “Enroll” in that class ( in the 1 hour LMS you must pay for it using the PayPal option).

10. After you have successfully paid for the course, you may take that course if it is a recorded CME.

11. If you are enrolling into a live class, follow the same instructions.

12. You may now take this recorded CME course.

    a. Watch the training video/lecture

    b. Click the link verifying you have watched the video in its entirety.

    c. Click the link to take the post examination

    d. Print and save your Course Completion Certificate to prove your CME credit

13. You may click on “Enrollments” to see all of the courses you have completed or are currently enrolled in.



          1 HOUR CE CLASS LMS 







EMT 16 hour NREMT Prep Audio CD

4)  Texas DSHS Jurisprudence Exam/Class

This class is for any Texas certified/licensed medic at all levels

The Texas DSHS requires every certified/licensed Medic of any level to take a Jurisprudence Exam prior to recertifying beginning September 1, 2017.  They also require all Providers to assure that every certified/licensed employees, whether paid or volunteer, have taken the Jurisprudence Exam before they may recertify their Provider License.

This Jurisprudence Exam/Class is offered as a Recorded Online Course that consists of four individual training classes that will award a Certificate of Completion and 3 hours of CEs.  The cost of this course is only $1.00 per person!  We are an approved Texas CE Program who is approved to perform this Jurisprudence Exam.  We are offering this for only $1.00 because we know the financial and logistical burden this will put on all Texas Providers and certified/licensed Medics of all levels and we are performing this as a public service.  The cost will cover some of the expenses to perform this class.

This is offered to any Provider (Fire Department, Ambulance Agency, First Responder Organization, or Aeromedical Agency), Texas Regional RACs , and/or individual Medics of all levels.  You may contract Jon Puryear EMS CE, LLC for all of your certified/licensed individuals for $1.00 per person and your Provider/RAC name will be placed in the registration drop down menu for your individuals to select.  This will allow us to provide you with a transcript report of who has successfully completed this class upon request by the designated person in your contract.  The individual will be able to log into their account at any time to print/save their certificate for their own records and provide it to their Provider or DSHS upon request to prove they have successfully taken this class.

​If you are an individual Medic and needing to perform this class on your own, then you will register for this class by performing the following directions:

   1.)   Read and follow these instructions to "Sign up" for the Jurisprudence Class/Exam.  After, click the link at the bottom of these instructions.

   2.)  Click the "Sign up" link underneath the username and password box.

   3.)  Complete the registration page in its entirety.  If something is not applicable to you, please type "N/A" or select "Other" in the drop down menu.

   4.)  After submitting the registration, you will received an email from with a Verification Link that you must click on to activate your account.  If you don't receive that email immedicately, please complete a Contact Us form and we will activate it within 12 business hours. 

   5)   You will be able to log into your account by entering your "Username" and "Password" on the original Jurisprudence Exam/Class LMS page.

  6.)  Read the "Home Page" instructions. 

          a.)  If you are an Individual paying for this class on your own, you will use the "Agency Code" typed on this page to enroll in each of the four classes.

          b.)  If you are associated with a Provider or RAC, you will enter the "Agency Code" that they provided you to take this class.  DO NOT USE THE AGENCY CODE ON THE HOME PAGE!

  7.)  Click "Courses" on the top Navigation Bar.  You will see all four classes listed individually.  Perform the following to take the courses:

         a.)  Click on the first class "Jurisprudence Exam/Class 1 of 4" and "Enroll" in this class by using the appropriate Agency Code.

         b.)  You will click on the "Class Handout" and save this file to your computer.  You may also print this pdf file so you have it to highlight and make notes during the lectures.

         c.)  Click the link on the right to watch the Training Video.  YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO IN ITS ENTIRETY IN ONE SITTING WITHOUT PAUSING OR FAST FORWARDING!

         d.)  Once the Training Video has played in its entirety in one sitting, a link will appear on the right stating that you have watched the Training Video and now take the Post Exam.

         e.)  Take the 10 question Post Exam and if you pass it, it will show in your "Enrollments" the date you enrolled and the date you completed the class.

         f.)  Now click on Courses again and click on the next class in the list and perform the same steps performed on the previous class.  Perform this for all four classes.

        g.)  After you have completed the last class in the list of classes, you will be able to "Get Certificate".  Click on this link and save your certificate to your computer and print a copy.

        h.)  You will now provide a printed copy or email the pdf file to your Provider for proof you have taken the class.  You will also have to provide this to DSHS if audited.

 8.)  If you are a Provider or RAC and have contracted with Jon Puryear EMS CE, LLC, the designated person in your contract may request a Transcript Record of your individuals who have completed the course.  This will not provide you with your individuals who have not taken the course.  It only provides a list of who has registered and if they have completed the class.